Monday, March 28, 2011

Really almost done now!

My Mom just sent me some pictures of the quilt being quilted. I got to go with her to take it to her friend who has a quilting machine while I was visiting and I got to pick out the designs to be quilted onto it. Basically just hearts and loop-di-loops. Here's how it's coming along:
I love it! And btw Wendy, I have done some handquilting before. Not much, but sometimes I get together with my old lady friends and help them handquilt baby blankets for grandkids. I still have yet to do one of my own though. I think I will try it next with my hearts and butterfly's, and you'll have to come help me! Otherwise it may never get done...


  1. It was fun to go see the quilt up and the machine doing its thing. My friend let me know when it was on the frame, and it was fun to watch her work. The third picture down is the picture that shows the most of the quilt at once. When she's done with the whole thing and I get the binding on, I'll take a picture of the front and back, and try to get the whole thing in it.

    When Josie and I brought the quilt to her last week, we chose different patterns for different parts of the quilt. I'm glad we did that, and didn't just have her stiple it all over. It really sets it off nicely. While I was there today, she and I decided to put some quilting on the sashing between the blocks, and I think that will be nice too.

  2. Thanks Mom, I noticed it on the sashing and didn't think I had picked that, but I like it. It all looks great!

  3. You can do it! It is looking great, I'm sure they will love it.