Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hearts and Butterflies Revisited:

I guess I kind of gave up on this blog. It seems like right after I started it I started to hate sewing! Well, I'm back to quilting again so we'll see how long I last this time.

A long time ago I started working on a scrappy heart and butterfly quilt to make for someone's baby. I can't even remember who. Anyhow, I got so sick of it I packed it up in a box and put it away never wanting to see it again. I had a little change of heart recently when my friend was complaining about how some people don't finish what they start and I decided to pull it back out and finish it. I also decided to stretch it out and make it into a twin size quilt for my three year old girl who desperately needs a big enough blanket for her bed.

So, I'm still not quite done yet but I will finish putting the borders on this week and then I will be setting it up at my friends house to hand quilt it. So, anyone who wants to claim a couple hand stitches in this quilt, come on over and have a little quilting party with us! It will be fun. You can meet my old lady friends!
Alright, enough talking , here's what we've got so far:
The lighting isn't the best in this picture but I'll take a better one after I get the borders on. I have gone through ups and downs with my feelings on this blanket, but as of right now I like it. I don't really love it, but I like it. I know it will change even more with the borders and and being all done though so I'll tell you what I think when we get there!


  1. Good for you! I am excited to see you finish it.

  2. I love hand quilting. email me and I will see if I can make it!

  3. It looks good! I understand what you mean about hating sewing and then pulling it out and working on it. I have been working on a blanket non-stop since mid October and I finished it yesterday (it's a Christmas present.) A throw blanket that I embroidered the entire US on, along with land marks, state flowers, animals, streams, blah blah blah, then I quilted a border for it, hand quilted the whole dang thing and finally got the binding finished. Blah. I'm done sewing for a while.