Friday, March 11, 2011

Square'n em up!

Can you believe it?! I have finished all of the blocks. Last night I was so frustrated because everything seemed to be going wrong and nothing was matching up. Of course this was after I had been up with sick kids all night, sewing all day, and it was 10 pm. I was so mad I went to bed thinking how I was going to pack up this quilt, and put my sewing machine in the closet out of sight for a few months and not even think about sewing for awhile!
Ok, that was the exhausted me last night. Today I started squaring out (is that even how you refer to it) the blocks I already had done. That was going so well and was even kind of fun. After I did that for a bit I went to unpicking and resewing my squares that needed resewing. I actually finished them all! Now I just need to finish squaring them and then sew the borders on. Then I can sew them together and send it to my mom to finish and I'm done!
Anyway, it pays to live next to a quilter. My friend loans me her nifty tools that I can't afford to buy yet. This is a square that you can line up on top of your blocks and cut them all down to the exact right size. See the diagonal line from corner to corner? That helps you get it exactly strait. I find that when I put it on and think I have it right, then check the diagonal line I might be way off, so it's nice to have something exact. Our eyes can be decieving.
This is my lovely stack of perfectly sized blocks that I can now begin sewing borders onto!Don't they look perfect?


  1. Wow, Josie, I am very impressed. I'm also sorry that you've had to stress over this so much. But you've done it! And I'm proud of you. This quilt be appreciated for many years for all the love and hard work that went into it by a kind and loving sister.

  2. Keep going, you are doing great!