Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quilt Sprint

For the past three days I have been neglecting every thing. House, health, husband, and maybe the kids to a degree, but at least I remember to feed them. Did I mention I just want to get this quilt done?! I am ready to move onto something else and I keep thinking I might work on the quilt in my spare time, but that isn't happening so I've dropped everything non-essential to just concentrate on the quilt. I've been sewing instead of exercising, and eating ice cream instead of drinking my green smoothies. Did I mention I need to get this quilt done?
Ok, so I am getting there. I finished all the blocks for it, but there are six blocks that I have to unpick completely and re size. That's what you get when you use the scraps from someone elses quilt instead of just starting fresh. It shouldn't be too hard though and I hope to have all the unpicking and resewing done by tomorrow. Then I just need to trim all the blocks and sew a border on each one. Sewing the individual borders on should go really fast because we already have the strips cut out and ready to go. Then I just need to sew all the blocks together and see about adding a big border around the edge to make it queen size. It sounds like a lot, but I think I can finish it within the next week. I'm excited that I'm working on it again and that it's almost done.
Thank you for all the input about the design of it. As it turns out I don't have enough light squares to do option A anyway, so I guess that decides for me. Option B it will be. Hopefully you will get a picture of the finished top within the next couple days!

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