Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Please advise me!!!

Really, I want anyone and everyone's opinion on this. I would really like to get all the blocks for this quilt finished this week but how I pattern it will determine how many and what kind of blocks I need to finish.
So here is option A: You may remember it from a previous post (and remember that the dark sqare on the bottom left is in the wrong place). We don't have enough fabric to alternate all the darks and lights so the picture above is a pattern we came up with but I'm not sure if it looks too split-down-the-middleish if you know what I mean.
And here is option B:
Sorry the lighting is so bad on this one and my camera is literally dying. This way it would alternate and there would be a distinct border top or bottom as you can see. Then if you look very closely you will see that there are three different kinds of blocks. There is a light light, a dark light, and a dark dark. So on option B the light squares alternate by rows. Then on the top row I can either alternate or have them all be light lights since that's what I have the most of.
If that all makes any sense. Anyway, please tell me which you like better and if you have any ideas for me. I am so close and I'm ready to be done with this quilt! We decided that we will just do 6 blocks by 7 blocks and then do a couple of borders to make up the rest around the edges and make it a queen size quilt.


  1. It's hard for me to see the difference between the light-light and the dark-light, although when I look closely I can see it because you told me it is there. The thing that pops out at me is the dark-dark, and the lights (whichever kind they are--sorry, but they all look alike to me). I like the second picture best because it looks more like the dark blocks and the light blocks are alternating. Does that help? I hope it doesn't give you more work!!

  2. I like the first pattern better. I think its pretty cool that you are doing a quilt!

  3. I like the alternating with just one row of all light, that can go on the pillows. (second pattern!)

  4. I like the first pattern. I think having the dark darks spread throughout the entire quilt looks the best. But I'm sure it will turn out great whichever way you decide!

  5. I think I like the first one better.