Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A small, much needed, overdue alteration

Do you ever buy a tank top to use as an undershirt that seems perfect when you try it on, only to find that when you get it home and try to use it as an undershirt, it begins to sag uncomfortably low and you are constantly pulling, tugging, and self conscious every time you try to wear it? Now, this top doesn't really look low cut at all, I know, but it sure shows a lot when I bend over and the shirts I wear over it tend to pull it down. Well, did, until I just fixed it! Here is one good reason to sew. You can do simple alterations on the clothes you buy. So in this case all I had to do was turn it inside out, then pinch the shoulder seems and sew a new seam for them taking off about an inch. Now I can wear this without feeling self conscious and you can't really even tell I changed anything. (sorry I have no after picture. My camera died. The after really doesn't look much different anyway though.)


  1. That IS a good reason to sew. I've done that even with shirts that aren't tank tops. I tried on two scoop-neck shirts in the store that seemed modest enough, but after getting them home and wearing them for an hour or so, they were sagging. A little shoulder seam on each side fixed the problem easily.

  2. I have also fixed shirts and tank tops like this, but then I usually have the problem of it being too tight on my underams. I guess I need to let out the underarm seams a little. :)