Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Next Endeavor

As a favorite author around here (Dr. Seuss) makes clear in his book Green Eggs and Ham, if you can't fight something long enough you might as well embrace it. So without further ado my next project will be...Barbie clothes. Yikes! I have never liked Barbies for numerous reasons I don't care to expound on here. This is a sewing blog not a bash on Barbie blog. Anyway, I have a 4 1/2 year old who LOVES Barbies. Of course she has a mommy who didn't feel the need to buy her any, but her life was made complete when a neighbor gifted her a shoe box full of hand me down Barbie dolls. Well, almost complete. Of course now they must be accessorized. She wants me to sew them some clothes because of course Mom can do anything. I was very hesitant because I knew that my idea of a dress was not going to please her. So I mentioned to my neighbor that I didn't dare try to sew a dress for these dolls and of course she pulls out 5 out of print Barbie doll patterns and so here is the beginning of my Barbie doll dress making career. We'll see how long it lasts.
Here are the five patterns:Ok, so be totally honest with me. Would you dare even attempt this Vogue pattern? Just looking at it terrifies me, but I'm just a beginner. I want to know if there is anyone reading this who would make these gorgeous clothes for their child's Barbie.
So of course my daughter wants the beautiful white wedding dress, and not something simple like the knit shorts and handbag. But I will be starting with the knit shorts and handbag for the simple reason that my friend who gave me these patterns already has those cut out and ready to sew. They have probably been sitting in the bag for 50 years, since her daughter was a little girl. I'll take it!
So, I post about this because I need your good wishes and motivational support. I need people to report to and show and tell too. So please leave an uplifting comment...


  1. Wow, those clothes are beautiful! Honestly, no, I would not try that Vogue pattern, at least not until after I was thoroughly familiar with those other ones. Wow. The wedding dress in the McCall's one looks fancy enough for me! I'm excited to see your progress, and I'm excited that you started this blog. GoooooOOOO, Josie!

  2. Those are beautiful clothes for barbieI agree with mom about the vogue! I love the barbie clothes mom made for me when I was little. Good luck and keep us posted!