Monday, January 24, 2011

My pattern stash is growing

So please tell me what I should do! Many of you already know that I made 2 dresses using Simplicity 3775.
They both turned out great and I have fabric enough to make one more dress. I saved my favorite fabric for last and I was planning to do a short sleeved, v-neck, tie waist version of 3775 using this:
However, last week JoAnn's was having a Simplicity pattern sale and I found these patterns:I love the wrap dress and I have always wanted to make one. It uses the same knit type of fabric as the other pattern, so the fabric I have would work really well for it. But I was looking forward to making another version of the 3775 because it really turns out well and I am quite familiar with the pattern. So do I use the fabric as intended and hope that maybe there will be enough left over to make a wrap shirt from 2369? Or do I just use the fabric and make a dress from 2369 and forget about 3775? I mean I can always buy more fabric (although I don't intend to until I use what I already have) but which dress do I sew with what I have? I am really in a dilema here. Plus I found this pattern to make me some shorts for the summer:

Ok, please advise me!


  1. first of all I LOVE LOVE LOVE this fabric!!! I really like the wrap dress too, i am thinking that you would probably have to wear a tank or shirt under it though. and that might be fun you could get a brown and black and turquoise color and have some variety. It would be great with either pattern! The short pattern looks cute too, maybe I can borrow all these patterns this summer.

  2. I guess my vote is to go with the tried and true that you already know. You know you have enough fabric, and you know the dress is amazing when made up. But do it soon so we can see it on you, and then go get more fabric and make that wrap dress, because it looks amazing, too. Actually, whatever you decide will be just fine. Just do it! It will be so fun for you to have another new dress!!!

  3. The fabric is great. The wrap would be a nice change but sometimes it's good to go with a reliable pattern too!

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies. I think I know what I'm going to do now. I'll show you when I start!

  5. I am in love with the knee length short sleeve version of 2369.
    I really really like the dresses you have made and know it would turn out really well, but that wrap dress is really cute and looks well worth a try!