Monday, November 28, 2011

Floppy eared puppy quilt

While I was Black Friday shopping with my mom last week we were checking out a used bookstore. We found this book:The only quilt I liked in it was the one pictured on the cover and I think I can figure it out on my own (without spending $10 for a used book!). It looks super simple. Anyway, while I was trying to sketch out the dimensions I also came up with my own pattern. What do you think?
So be totally honest with me, which type of dog do you like better? My husband doesn't like mine, but my daughter does. The quilt will be for my 2 year old son and he couldn't care less which one I use.
Or, if you know of any better patterns, that would be great too. I did a little search on the web and wasn't too impressed with anything I've found. I want something simple yet cute. I already have some fabric and I'm excited to start another quilt!


  1. Hey, Josie, I like your pattern the best. It looks simple and cute. The floppy ears would be cute, too, and I think they could be adapted to your pattern if you wanted to try them. But they are not necessary. Good luck!

  2. Couldn't you alternate the two? I think that would be way cute!!!

  3. I think a couple different ones would be cute and I love the floppy ears and the buttons. Let us know when you start! :)